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16 Manuscripts 
"Cliff note version." Bullet proof research. Built in links to the source. 
Vaccine Exemptions
It is the LAW. You have a choice. 
Print, Sign, Turn in. 
"I honestly thought it was going to cost a lot more...
 This has been an amazing tool for me. As a mom that didn't vaccinate my 2 children, 180 gives me the confidence that I did make the right choice!" 
-Kat Dunckel
Empowered Mom 
"WOW! Project 180 has pulled together key facts or each of the diseases for which there are vaccines, and information on the vaccines themselves. This information should be required reading for every doctor who administers vaccines and every parent before allowing their child to get a vaccine. Brief, fact checked, and to the point." 
-Dr. Paul Thomas MD
I think that Project 180 is going to be a valuable resource for anyone young or old who has to navigate through the media's misinformation campaign on vaccines. The amount of detail that Dr. Baker has provided in each 180 second video is both succinct and easy to digest. This is a great resource for the vaccine curious. Bravo!
-Brian Burrowes
Producer of Vaxxed II
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    ***These future features are dependent upon the number of 180 members and community involvement.*** 
    • Save Time: You know you don't want to read for HOURS to find this info... Let Dr. Baker do it!
    • Be confident: You have seen his videos... You know that he explains it really well. It's time for YOU to lead the conversation. 
    • Investment: This thing only costs 25 cents per day. It is not an expense. It is an investment in YOUR HEALTH. 
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